North Stoke to Kelston Round Hill

We decided to start a blog on our rambling adventures with our dog, Polly as we go on so many lovely walks. It’s really to remind us where we have been and what it was like. We will also try and post image of OS map and/or a link to a google map.


We started late on Sunday just as it felt like the day was disappearing…only time for short walk. The tiny village was up a seriously steep (1st gear) road climbing the edge of the escarpment. We began along a track from the small of collection of houses into mega muddy footpath, which opened up into an impressive scenery that you can see both suspension bridges way off in the distance.


On the side of the footpath, we found what seemed like an out of season small purple flowers. We had our first snow of the year just couple of days a go but these were happily growing.


We reached Kelston Round Hill after approximately 20 minutes gentle walk. We climbed over a stile and ascended up a fairly steep hill to reach to the top.


The view from the top was amazing and Polly loved the wind. She goes slightly mad with excitement when it’s windy. Here’s a slightly strange panoramic photo from the top. Both my partner, Laurie and Polly moved whilst I was taking it so hence the double figures.


There was a wet bum bench up the top!


By the time we decided to go back, it was already getting dark. The Sunset was simply breathtaking. We don’t usually go on a walk this late as we like going on a longer walk but it was truly beautiful – especially the sunset reflected on the river.


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