Sand Point

Really sunny chilly winter day. We took coffee with whisky and lemon cake for our Saturday day out at the sea side (technically an inlet).  We’ve been to Sand Point several times but never tried Sand Point circular coastal walk before.


You can see really good sunset from the Sand Point on clear evenings and views from there are spectacular. It’s also dog friendly walk as it’s very opened and there’s no livestock around.


Shady areas were still frosty and we found icy mushrooms…Not sure what they are as we didn’t bother taking samples to identify them.


Polly loves coasts and run around wagging her tail furiously, going up and down the stile.


We stopped at a lovely cove shaped pebble beach for cake and coffee.


About half way through the walk, we got to the salt marsh where we saw Sandpipers, pipping around on the shore. I think we also saw Redshanks (flew past quickly) and apparently Egrets are commonly sighted here. A little bit later, we saw a big grey heron.


Polly kept walking down into the mud and it made her look like she was wearing muddy boots.


Although the walk is suppose to only take an hour, as it was such a gorgeous day and we stopped at so many places, we spent about 2 and a half hour here. By the time we got back to the car park, the sun was beginning to set. We didn’t wait until the sunset as we were so hungry!


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