Burnett, Somerset

We went on a walk yesterday afternoon after a hearty breakfast. We really needed it as it was super cold and even snowed a bit in the morning. Unfortunately, it didn’t settle…Polly has never played in snow! I think she would go bonkers 🙂

The small village of Burnett was pretty and even had a leaflet of the walk in an old fashioned red phone booth.


The road at the start of the walk was busy with cars whizzing around and hardly had any pavements. Luckily, we were able to walk on a farmland, which made walking with Polly a lot more enjoyable.We followed the public foot path sign to Stantonbury Hill. We decided to walk across a farmland as there was no clear edge and my boots quickly ended up so muddy!


My legs felt twice as heavy and the top soil was s0 sticky, it was really difficult to get it off. We had to use sticks to get them off in the end. After walking through more farm lands, we got to the start of a hill. The woodland was unremarkable but there were many signs of deers and we managed to see quite a few of them scattering off as we approached.


We also spotted some Primrose too. It’s lovely to see some flowers in a cold climate!

Eventually, we got to the top of the hill and what we saw was a desolate corn fields (see the featured image). Not the most exciting walk but Polly loved it as usual.

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