Aidan’s Heart Walk

Every year around this time, we all get together to go on Aidan’s Heart walk to celebrate his successful heart transplant. This was the third year after his operation and he was looking good! He invites friends and family from all around the country to go on a celebratory mammoth walk in Stroud.

We met around 12 in Stroud and started walking into the countryside. We were told that this was a 10 mile walk and a lot more easier going than the last two years. Aidan & Alice had planned this route this carefully but t took a lot longer than anticipated as there were so many people going at different speed.


This is a beautiful part of the country and we crossed many stiles, rivers, stream and muddy fields. There were four dogs on the walk including Polly and she loved it most of the time. In a group walk, she insists on being at the front of the gang and is not very good at lead walking.

We stopped at a leafy slope side and had a lovely group picnic. Everyone was very organised and managed to bring something to eat.


Most of the time, it was foggy or cloudy but we also had a rare bit of sun shine too. It was actually supposed to be sunny all day but there seemed to have a different weather system in the Stroud Vally. Still, walking for so long kept us all warm.

We got to the Lavender cafe just as it was shutting but managed to get teas and coffees as one of the walker’s parents had sat there and waited for us to arrive. They even bought us all delicious cakes!


We got to our final destination at the Stroud Brewery at 7pm by which it was dark!

Most people were happy as they managed to get pizzas and beers there.

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